Welcome to my paperback book website. My name is Tom Kane.


With the advent of the kindle eReader, you may think paperbacks

are a nostalgic thing. You may be right, but nostalgia doesn't mean old,

past its time or dead and buried. Nostalgia means fond memories.

I hope you enjoy my website and maybe it too will conjure some fond



For a number of years I've been writing and publishing my work on

Amazon Kindle. As with many people my age. sixty-two years young in

2017, my first love was with paperback books. Books like The Caves of Steel

by Isaac Asimov, the first paperback I ever read at the age of eleven. This book had the ability to encourage me to read more by the same author and experiment with others.


Contemporaries of Asimov such as Larry Niven, Arthur C. Clarke, Brian Aldiss and James Blish from the New Wave science fiction era of the sixties and seventies wrote unforgettable stories. Novels, novellas and short stories, all of which were voraciously read by myself and many like me. That was in the golden age of public libraries, the age of silence when you read a book, only hearing the occasional rustle of a page turning.


In the digital age of today, the once great public libraries in Great Britain and other countries are becoming fewer and fewer, as are paperback and hardback books.

I wanted to give people who read my books the chance to read them in the form I would have read them in days gone by, hence this new website. Paperback Writer Online is my attempt to re-create a golden age of books. I admit, I still use a kindle as my first choice, but I also read paperbacks on occasion. Here, with my work, you are getting a choice as all my fiction titles will soon be available as both paperback and kindle versions.

A Pat on his Back book cover